Adolphustown-Conway Pastoral Charge

Adolphustown United Empire Loyalist Centennial United Church
Conway United
5179 County Road 8,
Napanee, K7R 3K7

Minister: Vacant, Feb 1 2018

Telephone: 613-373-2801

Arden Pastoral Charge

Arden United
Henderson United
Mountain Grove United
PO Box 85
Arden, K0H 1B0

Minister: Cheryl McMurray

Telephone: 613-335-2474

Bath-Morven Pastoral Charge

Bath United
Morven United
PO Box 33
Bath, K0H 1G0

Minister: Vacant

Telephone: 613-352-5375

Deseronto-Napanee Pastoral Charge

Deseronto United
Grace United, Napanee
150 Robert Street
Napanee, K7R 2M7

Minister: Elaine Kellogg (DM)

Church Secretary: Leslie Sweet

Telephone: 613-354-4373

East Camden Pastoral Charge:

Moscow United
Riverside United
PO Box 53, 2 Mill St
Yarker, K0K 3N0

Minister: Phil Wilson, Feb 1 2018

Church Secretary: Darcie Kelly

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Telephone: 613-377-6406

Glenburnie Pastoral Charge:

Glenburnie United
PO Box 253
Glenburnie, K0H 1S0

Minister: Elizabeth Boehm-Wilson

Church Secretary: Beth Seymour

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Telephone: 613-542-4773

Kingston: Calvary Pastoral Charge

Calvary United
45 Charles Street
Kingston, K7K 1V3

Minister: vacant

Telephone: 613-483-2687

Kingston: Cataraqui Pastoral Charge

Cataraqui United
965 Sydenham Road
Kingston, K7M 3L8

Minister: Tim Milley

Church Administrator: Jill McCreary

Telephone: 613-548-4392

Kingston: Chalmers Pastoral Charge

Chalmers United
212 Barrie Street
Kingston, K7L 3K3

Minister: Barry King (Sept 10)

Church Administrator: Carol Sleeth (ext.222)

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Telephone: 613-546-3263

Kingston: Cooke’S-Portsmouth Pastoral Charge

Cooke's-Portsmouth United
200 Norman Rogers Drive
Kingston, K7M 2R4

Minister: Nadene Grieve-Deslippe

Church Secretary: Darlene Zapotichny

Telephone: 613-542-4545

Kingston: Crossroads Pastoral Charge

Crossroads United
690 Sir John A. Macdonald Blvd.
Kingston, K7M 1A2

Minister: Judith Evenden
Debbie McCutcheon

Church Secretary: Karen Elliott

Telephone: 613-542-9305

Kingston: Edith Rankin Memorial Pastoral Charge

Edith Rankin Memorial Church
4080 Bath Road
Kingston, K7M 4Y7

Minister: Wayne Soble
Jean Stairs
Donna Bell
MVA: Neil Elford
MVA: George Lavery
MVA: Earl Taft

Office Administrator: Tanya Bax

Telephone: 613-389-2530

Kingston: Faith Pastoral Charge

Faith United (LaSalle Secondary School)
Box 784
La Salle Secondary School, 773 Hwy 15
Kingston, K7L 4X6

Minister: Nan Hudson

Telephone: 613-549-4320

Kingston: Princess Street Pastoral Charge

Princess Street United Church
484 Albert Street
Kingston, K7L 3W3

Minister: Susan McAllister

Office Administrator: Kevin Guthrie

Find us on Facebook
Telephone: 613-542-6112

Kingston: St. Andrew’s By-The-Lake Pastoral Charge

St. Andrew's By-The-Lake United Church
1 Redden Street
Kingston, K7M 4K7

Office Hours: September to June, 9-Noon

Minister: Christine Sloan

Office Administrator: Fran Raven

Telephone: 613-389-8082

Kingston: St. Matthew’S Pastoral Charge

St. Matthew's United
31 Weller Avenue
Kingston, K7K 2T1

Minister: Jolyn Campbell

Church Secretary: Carol Richmond

Telephone: c 613-542-2768

Kingston: Sydenham Street Pastoral Charge

Sydenham Street United
82 Sydenham Street
Kingston K7L 3H4

Minister: Barry King (Sept. 10)

Church Secretary: Ruth Ranson

Telephone: 613-542-9616

Kingston: Zion Pastoral Charge

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Zion United
106 Pine Street
Kingston, K7K 1W7

Minister: Vacant

Telephone: 613-548-3389

Land O’Lakes Emmanuel Pastoral Charge

Land 0' Lakes Emmanuel United
P.O. Box 377
108 Addington Road 2
Northbrook, ON K0H 2G0

Minister: D"Thea Webster

Church Secretary: Jean Sedore

Telephone: 613-336-2655

Newburgh-Centreville Pastoral Charge

Centreville Memorial United
Newburgh United
Box 188
Newburgh, K0K 2S0

Minister: Barbara Mahood

Pastoral Charge Secretary: Anita Jansman

Telephone: 613-378-1846

Odessa Pastoral Charge

Emmanuel United, Odessa
PO Box 430, 63 Factory Street
Odessa, K0H 2H0
Trinity United, Elginburg
2170 Unity Road
Elginburg, K0H 1M0

Minister: Stephen Ambury

Church Secretary: Peggy Akey

Telephone: 613-386-3807 (office) 613-546-7884 (hall)

Roblin-Enterprise U.C. Pastoral Charge:

Roblin-Enterprise United Church

P.O. Box 52
Roblin, ON K0K 2W0

Minister: Nancy Clarke

Church Secretary: Marilyn Fenwick

Telephone: 613-358-2002

Selby Empey Hill Pastoral Charge

Selby United
153 Pleasant Drive
Selby, K0K 2Z0
Empey Hill United
1430 Deseronto Road
Napanee, K7R 3L1

Minister: Mike Putnam

Church Secretary: Jane Hughes

Telephone: 613-388-2375 (pastoral charge office)

Trinity United Pastoral Charge (Napanee)

Trinity United
25 Bridge Street East
Napanee, K7R 1J5

Minister: Mark Arnill

Church Secretary: Karen Dixon

Telephone: 613-354-3858

Westbrook Pastoral Charge

Westbrook United
PO Box 70
3526 Princess Street
Westbrook, K7P 3A8

Minister: Vacant

Church Secretary: Geni Hartson

Telephone: 613-389-3883

Wolfe Island Pastoral Charge

Wolfe Island United
PO Box 142
Wolfe Island, K0H 2Y0

Minister: Elizabeth Amirault

Telephone: 613-385-2212